Protecting Your Personal Information

Discover six essential tips to protect your personal information.

Whether Papa Pals are visiting to assist with errands, set up new technology, or provide companionship, it's essential to protect your sensitive information. While we work hard to ensure that only trustworthy Pals enter your home, it’s always wise to take proactive steps to safeguard your personal information, and this is true when inviting anyone into your home. Here are a few essential steps we recommend to keep your information protected:

Be cautious with payment methods: Avoid sharing your credit card information. For any errands that require payment, consider safer alternatives like pre-paying online or providing your Papa Pal with the cash amount required.

Ask for receipts: When Papa Pals run errands on your behalf, asking for receipts upon completion of the tasks not only helps in tracking your expenses, it also adds a layer of accountability.

Secure personal documents: Before inviting anyone into your home, take the time to secure any personal documents that may contain sensitive information, such as financial statements or social security details. Designating a safe, preferably locked, area for these documents can prevent accidental exposure and risks.

Maintain privacy during technology setups: Technology and telehealth services often require the creation of accounts, involving personal information and passwords. If a Papa Pal is assisting with setup of these services, politely ask them to step aside during the moments you enter or create your passwords.

Guard your Social Security Number: Under no circumstances should you share your social security number. This piece of information is critical to your identity and financial integrity.

Report any concerns: Should you ever feel uneasy about a Pal's actions or suspect mishandling of your personal information, please call Papa Support (1-800-348-7951) to report the incident.

By practicing these methods, you can enjoy the benefits of Papa Pals' services, secure in the knowledge that your privacy is protected!