What is Papa?

Discovering Papa: Your trusted companion for everyday support.

In a world where no one should have to go it alone, Papa is here to help. We partner with health plans and employers to provide you, our members, with more than just services—we offer a helping hand, a comforting shoulder, and a listening ear precisely when, where, and how you need it the most. Welcome to Papa, where our dedicated Papa Pals are here to enhance your everyday life with genuine care and assistance.

What we offer

Our Papa Pals are here to assist you and your loved ones with a range of tasks that make daily living easier, such as: 

  • Companionship
  • Everyday tasks (such as light cleaning, meal prep, organizing)
  • Transportation to community events and/or doctor’s appointments
  • Running errands
  • Tech help
  • Grocery shopping

Note: Not all services are included for every health plan.

Our limits: What we don't do

While our Papa Pals are here to help you, and there’s so much they do — they don’t do everything!

Think of them as you would a friend, a family member such as a child or grandchild, or a neighbor. They can help with meal prep, going for a walk, looking through photo albums, doing light cleaning.

But they do not provide medical care or engage in activities requiring physical touch, such as bathing, medication administration, dressing, toileting (including diaper changing), brushing teeth, feeding, and ambulating.

Additionally, tasks typically performed by professionals, such as deep cleaning, lawn care, power tool usage, climbing ladders, or lifting over 20 pounds, are beyond the scope of our services.