Meet Lacey & Her Papa Pal, Michelle

Port Huron, Michigan

Lacey and Michelle have a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship that has made each of them feel less alone.

Meet Brad: Found a New Purpose as a Papa Pal

Pottstown, PA

Brad was at a crossroads when he found Papa. Being a Papa Pal has given his life a new direction and meaning.

Meet Bernie & His Papa Pal Marco

San Diego, CA

Bernie, a retired construction worker, looks forward to his weekly coffee and Spanish rock listening sessions with Marco, a local college student.

Meet Margaret & Her Papa Pal Yvette

Lauderhill, Florida

Yvette has formed a special bond with Magaret, a nearly 100-year-old Papa member. Margaret relies on her to get around, and provide nutritious meals.

Meet Claudette & Her Papa Pal Michael

New Baltimore, Michigan

Papa Pal Michael and member Claudette like to play cards and catch up over coffee.

Meet Brian & His Papa Pal Kristin

Grandville, MI

Papa Pal Kristin helps Brian with errands, organization, and meal prep. Brian raves about the green bean casserole recipe she made for Christmas.

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