Get started in 3 simple steps

Provide your information

  • Have a valid U.S. state government-issued driver’s license
  • Provide proof of vehicle insurance, including your name on the policy

Apply online in minutes

  • Upload your details to complete your application
  • We’ll run a background check

Watch a welcome video

  • Open the Papa Pal app to view the video
  • Once you’re cleared, add your bank info to get paid!

Working as a Papa Pal is a win-win

Earn money while our community members get a friendly, helping hand.

Make a difference in members’ lives

By becoming a Papa Pal you’ll feel good about helping people and giving back to those in your community.

Control your part-time work schedule

Papa Pals have complete control over their work schedules! Take on as many or as few of the available visits you want to.

Earn extra money

Pals earn a base rate of $13-$18 an hour, plus bonuses and one-way commute mileage to each visit.

Manage your work through the Papa Pal app

Easily see all visits near you, filter and select the ones that work best, and set your own schedule.

Papa Pal safety is a top priority and we are committed to making sure you have a safe visit each and every time.
For Pal safety information and tips, visit

NO prior health care experience
is required to become a Papa Pal!

  • Your visits will NOT involve administering medication or hands-on contact.
  • No previous health care training is required.
Get started

Are you a good fit to become a Papa Pal?

Get a sneak-peak into the tasks you’ll be doing while on the clock.

Run errands

Give rides

Assist with pets

Provide tech support

Help members download and access apps, teach a member how to use video calls, or send an email.

Assist in the home

Assist members with laundry, light cleaning, meal prep, light organization, and more.

Provide companionship

Engage in great conversations, watch movies, play board games, go for a walk, and more.

You'll love being a Papa Pal

Meet Bernie & His Papa Pal Marco

Bernie, a retired construction worker, looks forward to his weekly coffee and Spanish rock listening sessions with Marco, a local college student.

What they do together:

Jam Sessions
Coffee Runs
Grocery Shopping
Light House Tasks

Meet Brian & His Papa Pal Kristin

Papa Pal Kristin helps Brian with errands, organization, and meal prep. Brian raves about the green bean casserole recipe she made for Christmas.

Frequently asked questions

*Rates may vary by location.