Seniors Find Fitness and Fun with Water Aerobics

Caregivers may even choose to join everyone in the pool as the activities are healthy for all.

Much is said about getting in shape–not only at New Year’s–but all year long. At many local YMCA or other pools, seniors are becoming fit with no pressure on their joints.

Boomers are flocking to the pools to move in the water while enjoying their friends.

People across the spectrum of age and fitness show up several days a week in a quest for fun and fitness at their local fitness center.

From the smiles on their faces, one would think keeping fit could be a positive event in the lives of these seniors.

Elderly women having fun doing water aerobics.

Water aerobics classes help seniors stay fit

As part of some gym memberships across the country, water aerobics (some centers have aptly named it Senior Watercise) is offered and well-attended.

Many older adults who have AARP and certain other insurance policies may find that a gym membership is included in their policies as preventive medicine with a program called Silver Sneakers.

Caregivers may even choose to join everyone in the pool as the activities are healthy for all.

Instructors remind participants to keep drinking water often as they exercise. Seniors hear familiar comments echo across the pool:

*4, 3, 2, and 1.

*Now take it back.

*Travel to the right.

*Travel to the left.

*Step, touch, breathe.

You can do it (a most welcome encouragement that brings grins all around).

Full body low-impact workout for seniors seeking fitness

This kind of full-body but low-impact workout contains no demands, yet offers constant movement ideas and motivation.

People participate according to their own personal levels. (Even some in various stages of recovery from serious ailments can find ways to participate).

Almost every part of the body is addressed as most muscle groups are worked. Yet there is no strain on joints since all movements are under water.

Some workouts even include finger exercises done under water.

For a better part of an hour, older adults involved in water aerobics continue moving to the unrelenting beat while enjoying the companionship of others.

Socializing as a motivation for older adults staying fit

The pull of seeing one’s friends provides an added bonus which keeps many returning to the pool.

It has long been known that when exercise is combined with a buddy, a hobby, or friendships, the participants will stay involved more easily.

When people have fun exercising, there is more likelihood they will do it regularly.

Health benefits for seniors from water aerobics

If a senior swimmer does even half of the instructor’s commands, health benefits could be quite extensive.

Most Boomers and seniors know about reduced blood pressure and stress levels.

The list goes on and on, yet knowing how exercise helps isn’t usually what makes people seek it.

Combining an effective underwater workout with enjoying the company of others makes a successful approach.

A water workout for older adults is well worth the effort, both on the part of instructors and the brave participants.

There is no doubt that water aerobics classes help senior citizens become physically fit while providing a full-body low-impact workout.

The preventive benefits to a participant’s health will certainly pay off.

Having fun with friends in the water acts as a strong motivation for older adults to stay with an exercise program which brings health benefits to all who move in the water.

Some seniors would enjoy going to such classes but may benefit from a little help, companionship, or transportation.

All of these and more are available from Papa.

One of their Papa Pals can help in whatever way is needed. Staying fit while having fun at the same time.

How good can it get?